Friday, 20 August 2021



Task description: For this task we had to answer some questions and find 
the meanings of some words.   

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Te Reo


Task description: For this task we had to move a dinosur and make a create task.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Lisa Carringtion


Task desription: For this task each of room one's reading group either has the 
same athlete reading task or has a different one. My group the Aitutaki sharks
we have Lisa Carrington so here is my reading task for this week.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Modern Olympics


Task description: So team 5 are currently learning about the Olympic's every class
does a Rotation with each teacher, and learn about different kinds of stuff in the Olympics.    

Te reo


Task description: For this task we had to fill in the gaps for the maori word and do a
create task.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Versatile Volume


Task description: Today in maths room 4 learnt about versatile volume. We had to find
the volume in shapes and how to calculate the area of triangles. 

Immersion assembly

Today the 26th of July was Pt England's day back to school of term 3. Today I am writing about the immersion assembly, and the subject we are learning about is Healthy me Healthy you. So my favourite highlight about immersion assembly was team 5's act. There act was about the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, it was really funny and interesting the teachers got into small little groups of two and one of the teachers were the athlete and the other was the coach.

The country's they did to compete was U.S.A , Australia , and NZ. The first group up was Australia their performance was really cool it was an awesome act. Next up was U.S.A. their act was very cool they did it with some hula hoops, it was really cool because they were spinning it around there arms hips and even there neck.

After U.S.A it was the amazing NZ, they did gymnastics it was an amazing performance some cartwheels and spins it was very amazing, and that was the end of the Olympics and in first place was NZ , 2nd place was Australia and last place is U.S.A.