Friday, 22 March 2019

Year 5&6 Camp

WALT: Write in paragraph 

On Wednesday, the year 5&6 kids went to camp.Camp is where you sleep in a tent with 3 or 2 people. Also camp is so so fun it’s where you get into groups and you have camp leaders and a teacher. You do different kinds of activities that are fun.

1.Kayaking at the pt England beach
2.Slip and slide
3.Killer zone
4. Cyclo ball
5.Ping pong,skateboards,scooters,trampoline
Also we have 6 groups and 12 camp leaders. I was on of the camp leaders and I was so surprised about it because they just pick random people.Even though we did a lot of activities kayaking was the best out of all of it. My second highlight was eating because we got to eat a Hershey pie and whipped cream and sprinkles.

It was DELICIOUS it was the best dessert I ever had at camp. Also I liked Free time because we got to go play on the park and just run around or relax.Also one of my other highlights were going to the pools and swimming, because I got to play with my friends and then have a nice warm shower.

But the worse thing was sleeping in the tent because I was in the middle and there was a bump under my sleeping bag and it was annoying and hurting my back really really bad. Also I’d like to say thank you to my mum for letting me go to camp and paying for camp. I would also say thank you to all the teachers who made this happen.Overall of the camp what I liked the most was going back to my family and seeing my little baby brother.

Task description:We used a template to design our writing about camp.   


WALT: understand how a character is feeling based on their dialogue.
Task description: So Mr Goodwin gave us a task that we had to do and it's about there feelings.

Thirst Dialogue 2019

WALT:understand how a character is feeling based on their dialogue.
Task description:So Mr Goodwin gave us a task and we have to try under stand there feelings and write it out.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Making connections task

WALT: make connections with our own experience as we read the text.

Task description:So first we had sit at the bean table with Mr Goodwin and we read  
my brothers camp writing and then Mr Goodwin made a task for us and we had to compare the activities that we did at camp to what he did at his camp that he had.
Here is a link to his blog