Thursday, 18 January 2018

SLJ week two Day four activity 1 & 2

Day four

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Activity one: I have to choose 2 key events from the WW2 event that happened.

1 . Germans from Hitler's Army did shoot at other armies.
2. New Zealanders and Australians joined together.

Activity 2 : I have to find a list of VC winners from World War 2.

I choose Charles Heaphy. He was a New Zealand Army man who fought in World War 1.

By Maddison. Thanks for Reading


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  2. Hey there Maddison, it's awesome to see that you've completed another set of activities, well done!

    The second world war was such a horrible time in the world's history. It's difficult to imagine what it was like. Have you seen any war movies? They can be pretty scary and eye opening. It makes me really glad that I have grown up in the 21st century.

    Thanks Maddison, great work and keep up the fantastic blogging.