Friday, 25 May 2018

Miss West's and Mrs Moala's Experiment

Research  I found out that the lighter ball will fall down more quicker because the gravity pulls it down more faster and I found out that gravity pulls you down so you can’t float.

Hypothesis   if you drop the big ball then it will drop before the smaller ball because it weighs more than the smaller ball.

Procedure:    Also because miss let them go at the same time and both of them were bounce so when they put it in slow motion that it looked like the heavier ball fell first but it was both of them.

Conclusion:  First thing you need to do is Ask yourself a question then get two chairs then get two balls after that drop the balls at the same time and from the same height.

Results:  After Miss dropped them we found out that they fell on the ground at the same time.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Immersion Assembly Recount

On the first day of school Monday the 30th Mr burt said welcome back to school then team one they played a movie about them going to the beach and and there was a big boulder in front  of them. They tried and tried to move it but they got a great idea. They found a long tree that had fallen down and they put it under the boulder and jumped on it altogether and it flu away. After the movie Miss hockly talked about what there doing. After she talked to us it was time for team 3 so team 3 played there movie. There movie was cool but it was about dancing and moving around like dancing and playing on the park so what  they're learning about is moving with motion. After that miss king came up and talked about what there doing.

So it was time for team 4 as you I am in team 4. The teachers played there movie and then all of them came up on the stage a were talking about it. They were talking about these things like they built different things and they roll off into the water so they made a mini version on it and they rolled it off and it was a fail so they walked back to they seats and it was time for team 5 the walked on the stage a they called out random teachers names  out they called Mr Moran’s name out and they called out Miss Moran and Miss parrant. After that 3 of the year 7&8 teachers vsed them in tug of war so they played it and the random teachers won. After that they did it with gloves the random teachers had to wear doctors gloves with dishwashing liquid so they played and the year 7&8 teachers won and after that we carried on with the assembly and after assembly we went back to class and and started writing about it.        

Movement/ Motion Vocabulary Create task

This is my create task that my group was given. 

Movement/ Motion Vocabulary task

This is my vocabulary task that my reading group is doing.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018