Thursday, 28 December 2017

Summer learning journey day 2 (Activity one) Activity two)

Activity one: a house or a home

Image result for wharepuniToday I am doing day 2 for the Summer Learning Journey.

On the site it said what are 2 things that are different from my house and a wharepuni. Here they are.

1. there's no statues on my house
2. we got more windows then the wharepuni and the wharepuni has only one window.

Activity two : The rules of engagement.

On the site it said I have to draw myself doing my dream job. here it is:
 my dream job is being a Olympic runner.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Summer learning journey Day one ( activity 1 ) activity 2 )

Hi! I'm Maddison and I have started the Summer Learning Journey! Let's Start.


   Activity one: I have been told to visit a website and name 3 facts about Maui. Here are some of mine:

Fact one : Maui was known as a demigod
Fact two : He also had a star constilzation hook in the sky
Fact three : He was a polynesian.

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Activity two: I have been asked to imagine I was in a waka and I have to write a letter to a friend about how the trip was. here is my letter:

Dear Eva when I went on the waka I felt scared that some thing might happen. So I saw these men paddling around and around and I felt disease and I told them to go back to shore so they paddled to shore and I got out of the waka and I sat down on the sand.

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Coding with the omg tech people

This morning the omg tech people came over to our class and we started to do coding. so there was flappy bird game and started to play it and it was a very cool and after the game I got a certificate. Now i'm going to go on another game.