Saturday, 28 October 2017

Family time

Today me and my family went to me and my sisters trials for touch. I got five tries and my sister got one try. After the trials my mum said that we would go some were but she wouldn't tell us so we went to some where in the city and she told us to come out of the car and we went there and it was so amazing. There were milk shakes so we got some milk shakes I got a crazy chocolate  and my sister got a nuttella ferrero chocolate freak shake and my other sister got a Oreo shake and my brother got a banana pretzel caramel shake and my my mum got a Oreo small shake. After we finished our milk shakes we went home and me and my brother walked to the library and after that we walk back home and it was really fun. Here some pictures that my mum took.
This is my Milk shake.
This is me and my sisters and brothers Milk shakes.                                                                                                       


Friday, 27 October 2017

Silent Reading Summery

This is my silent reading summery of captain underpants Chapter 10: The next day Mr. Meaner showed up at school looking different than usual. He still wore the same smelly sweatshirt and sweatpants he'd had on all week nothing new there. But somehow,something about him had changed. It was yesterday George and yesterday Harold. 


Thursday, 26 October 2017


Today we went outside instead of writing. So we went outside to do some races. First up was the girls and I was in the first group I was so nervous so as I walked to the racing I thought that someone might beat me but no one did. So Mr Moran snapped clapper and we ran and me and Mia came first. After it was the other girls group so they went and the top eight had to go sit down.

After that it was the boys turn. After the boys ran Mr Moran called out the top eight girls. So we walked to the the racing line and Mr Moran said on your marks get set go so we went off. After I came 1st and Mia came 2nd and Tahliyah came 3rd and Nature came forth in the final round.

After that round it was the boys final round and the top four of the boys were John Joseph Michael came to race with the girls. So Mr Moran didn’t tell us that what we were doing. So Mr Moran told us that we were doing a crab race and he said the he was racing with us. But he came last and it was funny. Also Mr Moran thought that he came first but he came last.

 But Mia came first because I am really really bad at it. After that my hands and back were sore because we had to do the crab race. After that we went back to class and sat down on the mat. After Mrs Moala told us that Mrs Moala’s reading class had to go and get our chromebooks. After we got our chromebooks we sat down and started to write about it.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

This morning the whole school went to immersion assembly. First we saw Mr. Burt playing a song.Once we finished watching Mr. Burt it was time to see team 1 act. So team 1’s act was snap they were playing snap with emotions every time the music changed they changed it a different emotion.After we watched team 2’s act. Team 2’s act was they were making there own kind of music. So they were making their own kind of beats and that was very cool. Next it was team 3’s turn that was my team so the whole school watched team 3’s movie and they were lip syncing songs to make their own words and it was very awesome.Soon it was time for team’s 5 act they were watching this movie called the lion king. First they watched the real one.After they changed the music and I liked the part where the song said let it go.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Family time

Yesterday I went to parakai springs with my family and there was these big slides. So I went on the short slide with my brother and sister because we thought it was the long slide. But until this lady told us that it was the short slide we so we went on the long slide but it was a long walk up. After I went on the slide I waited until my day got changed so I could go on the slide with him and my sister. So when we went on the slide my dad was laughing. But in the slide I hit my head and hit my solder. So when I came out there was a cut on my solder and it was bleeding. So I went in the hot pools with my dad and it was hot but when I got in the middle it was warm so I stayed in the hot pools until I was hot. When I was hot I got out and went in the warm pool then we started playing around. So my mum called me and saw to go and get my dad so I got my day and I told him that we need to go so he got changed and we all got changed but my mum didn't swim because she doesn't like to swim. So when we finished getting changed we carried all of our stuff to the car we all got in the car and drove off it was a long drive back home but I didn't fall asleep but my brother and sisters fell asleep. But when we got home we had to have a shower and we watched this movie. After watching the movie we all went to sleep.


Friday, 20 October 2017