Sunday, 9 July 2017

Madi's winter learning journey bonus activity

My ideas of my flag: The blue back round is  blue because I am Fijian and the Fijian flag is blue.The red cross is for Tonga because there is a cross on the Tongan flag and I am Tongan and the star the star is for New Zealand because I was born in New Zealand.   


  1. Bula Vinaka Madi! I like the way that you have brought together all three elements of your personal story and woven them together into one flag. This is a really creative approach.

    I see from your description that you have chosen a star to represent New Zealand. Can you please tell me more about the star? What is it about a star that makes you think of New Zealand? Is it a reference to the sky, to Matariki, or to something else entirely? I am really curious and would love to know more about what inspired you to choose this shape.

    I hope that you're able to pop back online to tell me more about your choice of star and to post another Winter Learning Journey blog very soon!


    1. Hi Rachel. I put a star on my flag because on the New Zealand flag there are 4 stars and also for Matariki there is the 7 stars. See you around.
      From Madi.