Thursday, 18 January 2018

SLJ week two Day one activity 1 & 2

     DAY ONE
                    Activity one: St Joseph’s Cathedral we had to find a                       
                Cathedral online and we had to find out where it is
                 Located and find out how long they built it and what               
                 Was its name.
                  So my name of the Cathedral is cologne Cathedral it is
                  Located in Germany were in germany domkloster 4
                   50667 Köln means cologne it took them 600 years to build the
cologne Cathedral
Here some pictures of cologne Cathedral.

This is some of the outside.


                                                         Here's some of the inside.

Activity Two: The Right to vote they said
Think about the fact about women were not allowed to vote
why or why not.

fact about women were not allowed to vote. I think its not fair
because women have the right to vote just like NZ so I think
women can vote.

Why: because it is not fair to women so women should vote.

Here's a picture of women

       Thanks for Reading!!!

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