Tuesday, 16 January 2018

summer learning journey day 4

 Day Four
                          Activity One:   

On the site it told me to tell you my favourite maori waiata.

My favourite maori song is : Tai Aroha  
Why? : because I like singing it with my friend’s and my sister.

Activity Two: on the site it said for me to choose a traditonal maori game and name the rules and the purpose.

I choose the game rakau. Its a fun game to play and we sing the song e papa. You have to switch the sticks with the person oppisite you and sing. The two rules are you cannot cheat by handng it to them. They have to catch it. You have to smack the sticks together.

Thats my favourite game!

Bouns activity:

I watched 3 different videos and i have to rate them #1 - #3.

I rate #1 Te Iti Kahurangi. They have real good singing and great costumes.

I rate #2 Te puku o i te ka. There performance was oustanding but was great.

I rate #3 Tamatea Aikurangi because they were good but i think they needed a bit more work.

By Madi.

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  1. Hey there Maddison, thank you for completing another set of activities.

    I liked reading your review of the three performances. It's great how you have provided reasons for your rating too. You have judged them on different aspects, such as their singing voices, their costumes, etc. This is important because a good performance is about so much more than just singing.

    Have you ever been involved with a performance?

    Thanks, Billy