Monday, 17 July 2017

Madi's winter learning journey

Hi everyone it's Madi here this is my winter learning journey day 6.LETS START

I have to write a poem about arriving in NZ.

Activity one: My first sight arriving in the so called the land of the long white cloud. There my mind was into two worlds, seeing colors that were loud. Seeing all these warriors doing their so called war dance as we know today is called the (haka). It was in a very unusually feelings and emotions. I'm just happy to live to share my story.

Activity two: I have to write about the matariki festival at te papa museum in wellington and i have to choose 3 activities and tell you all about it.

Star Weave Jam: At star weave jam they will weave stars from ribbon.

Matariki Fireworks: Matariki is a celebration of people, language, spirituality and history.

Tiramarama storytelling to kids: Tiramarama is a programme of storytelling for little kids.

Thank you for reading hope you like it. BY MADI

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  1. Hi Madi,

    What a cool poem! I particularly like the last line, "I'm just happy to live to share my story." It is a very powerful message. I, too, feel so lucky to be able to live and to have the chance for all of us to blog and share our learning and our stories with each other. How lucky are we?!

    On that note, I'll look forward to reading more of you blogs and learning more about New Zealand and your experiences on the learning journey over the next few days. It's hard to believe that we've almost come to the end of our two week holiday...

    ~ Rachel